Justin is the third oldest member of the Pludcast and is the resedent expert on all things Japanese.


Justin was born at the age of 10 in the small town of Bonzai, Japan. His father is a samurai and his mother is hentai artist. He was born with a strange birth defect giving him two genetalia. Justin's father when Justin was 11, was killed by the dark lord, Aku. Justin swore from that day on that he would train to be a samurai like his father before him and destroy Aku and marry the Shogun's daughter, Bikrum. Sometimes our dreams don't always come true. Justin discovered World of Warcraft soon after and became obsessed with it. He made a hunter named JustinX and it is there that his tale begins. He soon met an undead mage by the name of Fiskay. Fiskay later would go on to meet the great Oshkoshbgosh and later the Pludcast would be formed. Justin has since given up World of Warcraft and is now training to become the greatest samurai in the world by using the katana in Left 4 Dead 2.


- Download it...

- Oh my God! My sister is playing ToonTown!

- So, there is this kid at my school named Bikrum.

- Do you like my Skype picture Osh?